Construction Process


Site meetings will be arranged with you to discuss each phase of construction and scheduling.


Project Management

Though your Designer, Project Manager and Project Coordinator work together as team throughout the lifetime of your project, it is your Project Manager that works with our trade partners to ensure that your project is crafted with the intent of your design and to resolve any issues that arise. The Project Manager supervises the work as it proceeds and must approve all aspects of the project before any trade partner is paid.

Developing a strong relationship with you is a high priority for our Project Managers. They keep you informed by sending you regular updates and photos as your project progresses and are always available to discuss your questions and concerns whenever they may arise. We’ve completed projects with customers as far away as Germany, France and Hong Kong, so we’re accustomed to working with all types of customers, even if you’re out of town.

In order to keep communication strong, Northcape Design-Build utilizes advanced, web-based software designed specifically to keep our client’s immersed in an accurate and continuous flow of information during and after the design-build process. The system provides you with real-time, 24/7 access to your plans and specifications, allowances, progress photos, a calendar and other important documents and can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Site meetings will be arranged with you to discuss each phase of construction and scheduling.

Construction Allowances

Occasionally there are aspects of a project we cannot determine the cost of until it has been completed. A good example would be an artesian well; there is simply no way to know how deep the well needs to be to reach the fissure that contains the water, among other things. In these cases, we include a realistic estimate of the cost in the allowance.


At the start of the construction phase, a general schedule is discussed. It’s an important part of the construction process because it controls the flow of people and materials on the job site, helps you make important decisions on time and allows us to maintain forward momentum on your project.

Substantial Completion

At the time of substantial completion, we take you on a walk-through of the project to create and sign a final punch list, a list of tasks or “to-do” items before project completion. At Northcape Design-Build, we strive to not have a punch list at the end of the walk-through. At this point in the process, your Project Manager will be available to answer any remaining questions or concerns you might have.

Project Completion

It’s time to celebrate! You’re home has been professionally cleaned prior to your move-in date, the moving van has left and you can now begin making memories in your new or improved home.

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