What is it?

One source that provides both high-quality, professional design and high-quality, professional craftsmanship is not a radical, new concept. In fact, it’s been around for hundreds of years. Medieval guildsmen were directed by their master mason, a man whose role was very similar to today’s design-builder. Not only was he in charge of sketching out the original plans, but he oversaw the construction, as well.

Early in the twentieth century gentlemen architects separated themselves from the ‘working class’ of the trades which resulted in a disconnect between architectural design intent and construction that many projects suffer from today. Building a modern home is a complex process requiring the coordination of hundreds of people, from designers and engineers to suppliers and craftsmen. These complexities have led to a resurgence in the design-build delivery process. The coupling of design and construction has proven itself to be the best way to create a seamless, cost efficient workflow and a beautiful end product.