Community Projects

Annually – Water Supply

Every year Robin, as a member of the Sunapee Gardeners plants the historic watering trough outside our office building.  We supply the water and share watering duties all summer long.

Annually – Halloween Festivities

Every year we hold an open house at the office on Halloween Eve and give out candy to the hundreds of children that come by.  We decorate the office with up to twenty hand-carved jackolanterns!  It has become a local tradition.

2002 – Sunapee Riverwalk

Northcape Design-Build organized brush cutting along the walk that runs by the sites of dams and now-gone factories that lined the river in our village. The walk features descriptions of each site.

2003 – Sunapee Riverwalk

Northcape Design-Build designed and constructed a footbridge at the lower terminus of the walk by the Sunapee Welcome Center on Route 11.

2004/2005: Sunapee Welcome Center

Sunapee Welcome Center:  This particular project has been on our “wish list” for a long time.  The community’s ancient information booth was a decrepit one-room shack that did not have running water or a bathroom, a very poor introduction for visitors to our town. We used to exhibit at trade shows as a timber frame dealer and we had a beautiful 10’ x 20’ timber frame booth just sitting in a pile in our storage barn.  Inspiration hit and we donated our booth as the basis for a new welcome center and spearheaded the effort to get materials and coordinate volunteers.  It turned into a two year effort to make it happen.  First, we had to design the new welcome center, and then we had to document and apply for a variance from the Zoning Board.  A priority for us was to include a handicapped accessible bathroom.  An additional bonus is that the new welcome center can be used year-round if the Town ever wants to do so.  Many local contractors contributed their time and materials and any other materials that we needed were paid with generous cash gifts from many local donors.  The total cost to the Town?  Zero.

2006 – Mt. Sunapee Resort for the New England Handicapped Skiers Assoc.

We donated the services of our design staff to create concepts for the new, larger lodge at Mt. Sunapee Resort for the New England Handicapped Skiers Assoc.  Someday, it may get built!